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Privacy Policy

v.1 (2019/09/30)


  1. fuelGR applications are used anonymously as no registration or authentication procedure is required. Therefore, the fuelGR server that receives data calls from fuelGR applications does not know the identity of the user making the call. However, there is some data needed to run applications that they are transmitted to the server and are described below.
  2. Data that is collected and why:
    1. The only considered “personal data” collected is the ip address through which you make data requests, and a geographical location that identifies the area of ​​interest, which, unless you configure it differently, is the geographical location where your device is located. We need ip to prevent malicious use of the services we provide by restricting access to cases we deem malicious. We need the geolocation to provide personalized information by sending data to fuel stations in your area. Theoretically, an ip and / or geographical address may be self-identifiable (which is why they are considered personal data), but to do so requires the assistance of third parties, and in particular the provider who connects you to the Internet and a Public Prosecutor provider to reveal the ip address you had at a given time.
    2. We also record a unique code associated with your device (mobile, PC) without knowing who the device user is. We need this code in order to be able to provide (anonymously always) personalized services (eg, remembering the ratings you may have made), but also to be able to extract aggregated statistics (eg how often users use the app, which is the most popular fuel, etc.).
    3. Other data we record during data requests are fuel preference, price age, brand preference, and fuel station price list downloads. These data are also recorded in order to be able to extract aggregated statistics.
  3. With who we share the data we record: fuelGR does not share the data it collects with third parties. The exceptions are Google and Facebook cookies installed in the browser from the web version of fuelGR only, for reasons related to the recording of site traffic by these companies.
  4. How long we keep data: There is no time limit on how long the recorded call data is stored.
  5. Can I request to delete the data that are related to me: As said, we have no way of identifying a recorded data call with a real user unless the user himself cooperates with us by providing us with additional information. You can contact us at [email protected].
  6. Cookies: The web version of fuelGR asks the user’s browser to save some small files with the information necessary for the site to function properly. By using the site you accept these cookies. These cookies are of two categories:
    1. User preferences / settings cookies that you can delete at any time through the Settings> Restore Settings menu. Of course if you continue to use the site, these cookies will be reinstated.
    2. The third-party cookies, in particular Google’s and Facebook’s, are used to monitor the traffic of the site and related parameters. You can delete these in the general way of deleting cookies provided by your browser.

In case of changes to the Privacy Policy, an announcement will be sent.